LightWurkz 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler DRL Kit

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  • Model: LWRS2601024JEEP
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LightWurkz - Jeep

Introducing a first of its kind LED daytime running lamp system for the 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler - only from Rostra! We've crafted a unique LED lamp mounting system by utilizing the unused space of the Wrangler's front fender flares. Featuring two ultra-bright 5-LED lamps, custom cut-in fender bezels, and vehicle-specific wiring harnesses, a Rostra DRL system provides a complete solution for increasing a vehicle’s on-road visibility. And with their ability to automatically dim when a vehicle’s headlights are powered on, the lights are not a distraction to other drivers at night.



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  • LightWurkz  Slim Line DRL system
  • Wiring harness
  • Two custom bezels
  • Warranty
  • Online Instructions - Step By Step Instructions how to wire and install the LED bars
  • 3 year/36,000 Mile Warranty



  • Updated Look
  • Can be wired as daytime running lights, parking lights, brake lights or a turn signals.
  • Significant improvement in visual appeal of car
  • Very Bright
  • Easy fit
  • 5x As bright as the competition


About US:

  • Since 1999 LightWurkz has grown to be a worldwide leader for automotive lighting enhancement services. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence, has earned us an extraordinary reputation for outstanding engineering and quality performance. By combining our knowledge and experience we successfully accomplish any design and project challenge. Regardless of size and complexity. LightWurkz is the only company that works with OEM Manufactures to take automotive lighting to the next level. Contact us today about your custom lighting projects. We will bring your ideas to reality. Visit our store for exclusive LED and Lighting products.


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LightWurkz vs Generic Product  (please read this section to know more about low quality generic product sold by other sellers)

Over the years we have noticed there are more and more low quality generic LED DRL bars. We have noticed sellers using images from top tuning companies or high quality DRL LED bars to sell their lights. There are several reasons why you should consider buying only branded lighting 

 From our experience and research we have found several issues with low quality unbranded led lights that can be purchased from overseas or Ebay. These issues arise mainly due to lack of product engineering and drive to reduce costs of components in order to create cheaper products. Outlined below are some common issues with low quality led lights.


Low light color quality:

The color of light emitted from a LED chip can vary. As you know there are LED's that produce warm white, cool white and daylight light colors and each of these have a color temperature rating. For example, a warm white light may have a temperature rating of 3000K. There is another factor that determines the characteristic of light output and that is known as CRI (Color Rendering Index). Cheap LED chips tend to have very low CRI ratings and this results in the light emitted being of an unnatural color. For example a low quality warm white LED chip may produce a pinkish fade of light. Sometimes low quality warm whites can produce a greenish tinge. There are also cases where cool white light tends to be too blue or purple.


Light Intensity and color Fading:

Low quality LED chips also tend to degrade over time in terms of their light output and light color. Studies have shown that the amount of light produced by a LED chip decreases a few percent every year. Over time the color quality can also start to fade and can go from a warm white light to more of a pink color or from a cool white light to more of a purplish color. Good quality chips degrade at a much slower rate and will maintain its light output and color quality well through its lifespan.



Low quality lights often incorporate poor quality power converter circuits. These power converters or drivers that supply current to the LED's tend to supply a non steady stream of current which can damage LED chips causing early failure. In some cases manufacturers also overdrive LED chips to increase light output to claim their lights are brighter than their competitors. This will most indefinitely lead to premature failure.



Manufacturers tend to save costs of their LED lights by reducing material used to produce heat sinks for cooling the LED chips. Either that or they do not invest in engineering a well designed heat sink that has the ability to remove excess heat from the LED chip. This leads to overheating of the led light resulting in an early failure. 


Customer Support:

Our customer support is available 24/7 Please contact LightWurkz for all your custom project needs.



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