Mazda 3 V2 Headlight LED Angel Eyes Halo Kit

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  • Model: LightWurkz V2 System 6169
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 LightWurkz Orion System:  WORL'S BRIGHTEST ANGEL EYES SYSTEM                                                    

 CLASS LEADING FEATURES: (not available on any other competing product)

Mazda 3 V2 Headlight LED Angel Eyes Halo Kit Predator ORION V2™

Brightest Output of any product on the market

LightWurkz incorporates the brightest Light Emitting Diode technology currently available today. The LED is used in a variety of applications due to it's longevity, durability, and cold weather instant operability characteristics. The Predator Orion, the only product with the chrome backing to prevent bleeding of the light in all directions points the light output in the direction of the only place that matters - out.

Predator Orion are daytime visible, mounted inside a high polish crystal light enhancing cover that is the same size as the OEM angel eyes, just brighter. The high quality wiring harness included was the first to be fully insulated and provides you with both a fused primary trigger and a secondary trigger for automatic dimming (fade/on & fade/off) functionality.

Leader in Automotive Lighting industry since 2001

Product Description (may describe some optional equipment):

Continuing our class and industry leading technological development allowed us to produce the pinnacle of angel eyes for your car. The Predator OrionTM allows you to retain the classy OEM look (with OEM Series) of the original halos from the E39 (5-series) but just raise the bar on brightness and provide the captivating powerful halos you want.

  • Halos (Brighter than Ever - Orion - Way brighter than Chromium!) Please beware! our rings are extreamly bright

  • Wiring harness (will include only if required for your model)

  • Warranty

  • Online Instructions - Linked Install Resources Section  Click Here

  • All Hardware and Installation Included

  • Lights & Car Sold Separately Angel Eyes kit only


  • Updated Look

  • DayTime and Direct SunVisible (if you have seen the new BMW models our kit is brighter)
  • Allows you to clear or black out your turn signal at the same time

  • Remote Fade/ON-FADE/ OFF FADE Easy wiring to any 12v power source DRL, Switch or Parking Lights
  • Can be wired as DRL (daytime running lights)

  • Significant improvement in visual appeal of car

  • Very Bright/Neo Modern Look

  • Pure White (custom colors available on special order only)

  • No Light Box

  • Easy fit

  • 5X As bright as the Competition

  • The Only one with a complete chrome casing for that OEM look
  • Works with All Auto Leveling and Adaptive Lights - Universal Fit

  • Your serch is over this is the worlds brightest Angel Eyes system money can buy

Install Tips:

  • For more information Click Here

  • Contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help

Application (Please consult your owner's manul for your application fitment type) 

 Fits Most Halogen, Xenon, BiXenon, and Adaptive Xenon Lights. 

Video:    Click the Link to Play the Video

General Video    


Orion V2 Installed on E60 BMW  


Orion V2 Multi Color   

Orion V2 Day Time Test             


Example OV2 - in action





Example OV2 in Multi Color RGB     For RGB System select "Multi Color RGB" in color section

 For those who need to "GET NOTICED" We offer Orion V2 in RGB. 8 Colors all in 1 kit. First ever multi-color LightWurkz Orion V2 Angel eyes. The first angel eyes product on the market that allows the customer to change the color of their angel eyes on the fly, while driving, or at a show. This product will allow the user to change to different modes, different colors, and even different themes all from the comfort of their own car via color changing LED switch. Multi-Color doesn't have the same problems as other LED products, the color transitions are smooth and immediate and new "modes" are being developed to easily upgrade in the future if you would like more choices.

4 total modes 

  • Individual colors fade between each other
  • Individual colors blink between each other
  • Locked in white mod selection

Note: Only Amber, Orange, White are street legal colors. All others are for show and off road use only.




RGB example red

Purple RGB

Amber RGB

e60_green RGB

Product Counterfeit Warning


























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