Predator ChromiumTM G37 Coupe

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Predator ChromiumTM G37 Coupe

Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

ALL G37 2008-Present

Product Description (may describe some optional equipment) :

  • 4 Halos

  • 2 PredatorTM Ballasts

  • Perfect 6500K Color (brightest available)

  • Full UV Coating

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Online Instructions

  • Only Product with a complete wiring harness

  • All Hardware and Installation Included

Engineering Detail:

  • Requires baking of the headlights (20 minutes @ 200 degrees on cookie sheet and bake)

  • 30-50 minute complete install using standard hand tools per side.

  • 50000mcd or 2X as bright as the nearest competitor.

  • No More Mounting Clips


  • Updated Look

  • Allows you to clear or black out your turn signal at the same time

  • Can be wired as DRL (daytime running lights)

  • Significant improvement in visual appeal of car

Install Tips:

Perfect Fit Every Time

Perfect Fit Every Time


  • PRETEST the bulbs, do not flex the bulbs in any way.

  • Mount the controller UNDER the headlights on a flat, dry and vibration free surface

  • Ensure secure connections to and from the headlight.



Q: Are the angel eyes a perfect fit on the high beam?
A: Due to the nature of the design, they must fit flush with the backing, in order to maintain a full geometric circle, there is a small 1mm gap on the high beam reflector side. This is not visible from 2' away.

Q: Can they be operated as soon as I turn on my car?
A: Yes, if you request an option wiring harness, you can wire your angel eyes to work as soon as your ignition starts.

Q: I have DRL enabled will this cause a problem?
A: YES. You must go and disable your DRL prior to install. Alternatively, you can just disconnect your high beam bulb if you have not yet disabled your DRL with the dealer and do so at a later date.

Q: Does the disabling of the DRL affect my high beam function?
A: NO, your high beam is a secondary logical switch that is unrelated to the switching of your DRL. You will not lose your functionality at all for the high beam.

Q: Can I turn them on with my city/parking light?
A: YES, that is the optimal way to wire them. See Install pictures.

Q: If I bake the headlights at 200 degrees on a cookie sheet will I ruin the lights or melt anything else?
A: NO, the plastics/plexi outer cover/reflectors/bulbs all have a much higher melting point than 200 Degrees. The glue that holds the headlight together softens at 150 degrees and does not evaporate. You can reseal your headlights with no loss of sealant and you don't have to add any glue. Just put the lights back into the oven, and let the glue get soft again for closing the install.

Q: Can I ruin my headlights in the oven?
A: MAYBE, only if you choose not to use a cookie sheet, set the oven to broil, bake at over 200 degrees, AND leave it in there for 45 minutes or more.

Q: What are these rings made out of?
A: These rings are made with a new technology called Cold Cathode. It is the brightest angel eyes technology on the market, at least 5X brighter than the brightest LED.

Q: What HID/Xenon will match this?
A: If you have standard HID/Xenon, your bulbs are 4300K, they are more yellow than the 6000K. If matching is required, call us for recommendations of bulbs.

Q: Can I use a heat gun?
A: NOt, under no circumstances should you use a heat gun to open the headlights.

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