Predator Orion V2 Angel Eyes W204 Mercedes C-Class

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  • Model: w204ov2
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  • Manufactured by: Lightwurkz

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Predator Orion V2 Angel Eyes W204 Mercedes C-Class


Application (Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type):

ALL W204 with Xenon or non-Xenon Projector Headlights

2 and 4 rings.


Product Description (may describe some optional equipment) :

  • 2 or 4 Halos

  • 1 full wiring harness

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Online Instructions

  • All Hardware and Installation Included

Engineering Detail:

  • Requires baking of the headlights (20 minutes @ 200 degrees on cookie sheet and bake)

  • 30-50 minute complete install using standard hand tools per side.

  • 36000mcd or 2X as bright as the nearest competitor.

  • Mounting clips


  • Updated Look

  • Allows you to clear or black out your turn signal at the same time

  • Can be wired as DRL (daytime running lights)

  • Significant improvement in visual appeal of car




Install Tips:

  • PRETEST the bulbs, do not flex the bulbs in any way.

  • Mount the controller UNDER the headlights on a flat, dry and vibration free surface

  • Ensure secure connections to and from the headlight.

1) Remove bolt from fender liner in the wheel well.
2) Remove bolt holding bumper edge just inside peeled back fender liner.
3) Remove all the bolts at the bottom of the bumper
4) Remove 5 pins from the top of the bumper
5) remove bumper.
6) Remove fender bolts holding lights
7) Remove top 2 bolts holding lights
8) Disconnect as many connections as possible prior to...
9) Pulling light out
10) Cookie sheet for 20 minutes at 200 degrees
11) Remove 4 screws holding back of light against front of light plexiglass, gently slide plastic tabs off the front plexiglass while doing this.

12) Remove inner beauty trim's 2 screws.

13) Place rings at respect corners - 1 dap of glue - less than an teardrop worth at the corners of the rings and the bottom of the ring center.
14) Insert ring bottom FIRST, then push gently tops of rings onto beveled edge of trim piece.
15) Hold for 2-3 minutes (use QUICKGRIP for best results)
16) Wait 10 minutes for glue to fully set.
17) Push wires out the back of high beam and low beams respectively, remove the rubber caps frist, then seal rubber caps OVER the wires.
18) Put back into oven for 5 minutes, seal up headlight and re-insert all screws.
19) Attach black connectors.
20) Finish Install by reattaching all body parts.



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